Competition rules for social media

Below are the terms and rules that apply to competitions in social channels for Gilbert Trading AB

  • The competition is organized by Gilbert Trading AB and is in no way sponsored, promoted, administered or associated with Facebook or Instagram.
  • Competitors must be resident in Sweden and must be over 18 years of age.
  • You who participate in the competition agree that we may post your name and entry on social media belonging to Gilbert Trading AB and on our website,
  • In competitions organized on Facebook and / or Instagram by Gilbert Trading AB, you always participate free of charge and without the need for purchase. 
  • The profit / price cannot be taken out in cash nor can it be exchanged for other / other products at an equal price. The winner pays any profit tax.
  • The Facebook profile / Instagram profile you are competing from must be created in agreement with the respective platform's community rules.
  • Contributions may be perceived offensive or abusive may be removed without warning.
  • All winners are appointed by a jury led by the Social Media team at Gilbert Trading AB. The jury's decision cannot be appealed.
  • The winner is announced in the channel from which the competition takes place, where the winner / winners are informed. 
  • Within 7 days after the winner / winners are announced, they will, via personal message, state contact details, address and personal identification number for delivery of the profit. If the winner / winners do not contact Gilbert Trading AB within 7 days from the publication of the winner, the above-mentioned jury has the right to appoint a new winner.
  • When you participate in the competition, you agree to Gilbert Trading AB's competition rules and conditions.
  • Information on how we handle personal data is in our privacy policy.

All competition rules and conditions are regulated in accordance with Swedish law.